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Shri Vallabh Nidhi UK

Shri Vallabh Nidhi UK (herein referred to as SVNUK) was formed in June 1979 and is a Registered UK Charity No: 277833. The administration and control of SVN UK and its assets are vested in a Board of Governors. We manage Sanatan Hindu Mandirs in Wembley and Leytonstone.

What does Sanatan Dharma mean?

‘Sanatan’ means Eternal, and ‘Dharma’ means Religion. We believe that our religion has existed from the beginning of time and will exist forever. Therefore, our religion is called Sanatan Dharma.

Sanatan Dharma is extremely extensive therefore it has many principles. However, there are five main principles each beginning with the letter P.
These are as follows:
Parmeshvar – (God) ; Prarthna – (Prayer); Punarjanma – (Reincarnation);
Purushartha – (Law of action); Prani-Daya – (Compassion for all living things)

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News & Events

Wembley Temple Opening Hours effective 1st June 2024

See the Events page for full events details for both Temples.

Weddings can be hosted in the main Temple and in Gokaldham function hall at the rear of the Temple. See Gokaldham Hall page for details.

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